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Mt Blanc FIS Race

Mt. Blanc was a great venue to hold a FIS race, snow was well groomed and it has a nice even race slope. The First day was GS, After two good qualifying runs I qualified 5th but was knocked out first round due to a bobble coming over the nole, unfortunate as it was I was happy with my riding and happy with the ninth place finish I got.

The second day was slalom and after qualifying I was feeling strong in my riding, I qualified 3rd, I made it through to the round of 8 but faced a team mate that is about the same level as I am and after a very close race i was knocked out, very happy with my riding and happy with my 5th place I am overall quite happy with how this FIS race went at Mt. Blanc.

Now time to head home and train hard before the upcoming block of Nor-Am races.

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1 commentaire

Warren Hambleton
Warren Hambleton
06 févr. 2019

Great update Magnus, love the pic of your sponsors on your board as you charge the course!

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