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Canadian Nationals

After Holiday valley I was ready for more racing, hungry for more results.

Day 1 - GS

Coming back to a place I have trained in the past I was prepared to race, I put down two great runs in qualifications and qualified 14th. In the first round of finals I was competing against Sebastian Beaulieu a national team member who competes on the world cup, I gave it my all but unfortunately I was not able to pull it off and finished 14th but was very happy with how I rode.

Day 2 - Slalom

My first qualification run went well but in my second run I pinched my line too much and blew through a panel and was disqualified. Despite frustration I was happy with my first run an was ready to race the junior FIS races.

Day 3 - Junior FIS GS

After a fall in my first run I qualified 15th, but in the first run I went up against one of my best friends Michael Nazwaski, it was a very close race in the end but he took it and moved on, I was frustrated with myself and happy for him at the same time. Despite this I was ready for the next day.

Day 4 - Junior FIS Slalom

After re evaluating my slalom riding I was able to put down two great qualification runs and qualify 7th, after battling through finals and displaying some of my greatest slalom riding I was able to finish fourth. Very happy with my riding and how the week went.

Time for a day off and then some more racing at Toronto Ski Club Ontario provincials.

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