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Holiday Valley Nor-Am

I was especially excited for this race because it is always great to be back at my home mountain and in my home ski town for racing. Reminds me of when i was a kid and racing USASA events on the same hill.

We drove down on the 27th for training at holiday valley before the race, the snow was tricky because just before the event Ellicottville was getting hammered with snow, this made the snow very soft and easily pushed around. this aside my riding felt good and i was ready to race.

Day 1

After most of the season dealing with straight race courses it was relieving to see a turny GS course. After qualifications I put down two great runs and qualified 10th, in the afternoon I made my way up through finals to be battling for a third place spot, in the end I had a great final run and finished third for my first Nor-Am podium of the season and i was beyond happy to do it in Ellicottville where i began my racing career.

Day 2

After not my best runs in qualifications I qualified 16th, unfortunately I had to race a great friend of mine, Arnaud Gaudet, I put down a great run but it wasn't enough to beat him but i was happy with how I rode and happy with the week.

Time to re focus and head out to Canadian nationals.

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