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Magnus Hambleton



  • Magnus Snowboard
  • Magnus Snowboard

Hi, my name is Magnus Hambleton, I am a FIS level snowboard racer with a desire to represent my country in the future, at world cups and other events.  In order to get there, I will be competing in events across North America. To make this possible, I have worked with many talented individuals at McCann advertising to create a product to sell which will offset the considerable expense my parents and myself will be facing to pursue this dream.  The idea was to create a tangible product to offer to supporters which will enable the donors to feel they are part of this journey with me.  I wanted to do more than simply crowdfund.  We have designed a logo and selected quality garments which you can wear and feel good about supporting a Canadian competing in international alpine snowboarding.  Please join me on this journey to the podium.  By following my season or choosing a t-shirt or hoodie you will be making this competitive season possible.  I thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

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