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Horseshoe Valley SO Race

This past weekend we had the first Ontario Snowboard race of the season, it was a blast! Riley and I had the opportunity on the first day of the race to do an Instagram takeover for Ontario Snowboard in order to show all of their followers what the alpine racing world is all about, we were able to get all the kids into and they had a blast too, always great to give back to a program that brought you to where you are today. The GS race went quite well and after qualifying third and making it through the rounds of 16, 8 and 4, displaying some great riding that I am very proud of I finished third and it felt great! not to mention that the rest of the podium was laced with my team members as well, TEAM EAST SWEEP!

The second days of racing was equally as fun, we had a great slalom course set by our coach Annete, and I qualified third again, today however after all the rounds of finals I was able to climb one spot and finish second by a very small margin. Overall it was a great race put on by Ontario Snowboard and a great weekend.

Now time for some local training to prepare for the coming races.

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