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Christmas Break Training

After some not so great results at Buck Hill and Steamboat I was excited to get back to training. Unfortunately over the break I caught a really bad cold so it was a toss up if i would be able to make it up north to train. I was able yo handle it in the end so on the morning of the 27th I drove up to beaver valley to train for the day, trying to take it easy on account of my cold but by the end of the day it got the best of me, I took the rest of the day off and decided to take the next day off as well in order to salvage the rest of the break and get some good training in. I drove down to Ellicottville with Mike and my sister on the 28th because we had been promised some hill space down there. After free riding on the 29th we were told that we would not get hill space because of the lack of runs open due to the terrible weather. Trying to make the most of it we free rode for the next two days and took a day off before we headed to Quebec for some training and our first block of races in the new year.

Retro Gear For A Friends 50th Birthday Party On New Years.

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