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Blue Mountain Prospect Camp

Day 1

Yves set a nice and round course to begin the camp off, not too challenging just to get us back in a rhythm, we began by working on our starts just to get an extra couple of tenths out of the start then focused on keeping that in the course. We then took the afternoon to free ride because the weather was so nice and the snow was good.

Day 2

Yves set a very round and quite challenging course with no rhythm to work on looking ahead and knowing the course you are riding in. we called it after the morning because visibility was quite low due to heavy snow.

Day 3

Yves set one of the roundest courses I have ever ridden, unlike the other courses it was very rhythmic we rode it all morning but called it again for the afternoon because the snow hadn't let up.

Overall was a great camp and I am really happy with how I am riding and am excited to continue training as well as I am ready for the Ontario Snowboard race at Mansfield.

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