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Buck Hill Nor-Am

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

We flew into Minnesota on the 13th, hopped on the first shuttle we could catch to the hotel, changed into our snowboarding clothes and headed straight to the hill in order to get some riding on the hill before the races. This is especially important coming from Colorado to Minnesota because the conditions and the Hill were going to be drastically different and it was vital to acclimatize ourselves with the conditions. The first day of races went very well, qualifying 8th I unfortunately had to race a team mate of mine, but I was able to move onto the round of 8 where I was knocked out of the race by less than a tenth of a second, finishing 7th, which I was very happy with coming out of steamboat. The second day of races had two races in one day, a nor-am and a junior fis, Despite riding well, the top 16 was all within 2 tenths of a second and I was not able to make it in. Frustrating as it was I was able to re center myself for the junior fis race in the afternoon where I finished fifth. The last day of races didn't go as well as the other days, after a great qualifying run I went way too round around a gate and was not able to qualify again. Time to head home for some downtime, pick up some shifts at work then training at Holimont before the first race of the new year, Le Relais!

(Sorry if your sticker is not on the board, I was not able to get them ordered before I flew out)

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