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American Nationals

Went to Copper Mountain Colorado for American nationals, a familiar place that i have been many times before when i was younger racing with USASA, it's always nice to go back to somewhere you have great memories from when you were a kid and make more great memories there with new friends. From previous years i knew i had to prepare for weeks before, i was drinking lot and lots of water in preparation for the altitude, taking aspirin to help thin my blood to smooth the transition and taking altitude pill to prepare my body, and with all my preparation it wasn't the altitude that held me back, i just wasn't riding like myself. i had a terrible day racing in both slalom and gs and placed in the low 20s but thats okay, ill use this race as a learning experience for the next one. Unfortunately that was the last race of this season so now its time to regroup do some dry-land and some of my favourite off season cross training, mountain biking!

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