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Alpine Nor-Am

In Preparation for the weekend races we had a course set at Blue Mountain on the race run, the next day we headed to alpine to train on the race run before the race.

Race Day 1

I was excited to be back in Ontario for a race as it would be the first Nor-Am race we have had in Ontario albeit the condition may not have been the best for it I was still excited. Because of the weather prior to the races the snow was a sheet of ice and proved very difficult, Pat was setting on the first day and he set a quite straight course. I rode well in qualifying and qualified 9th, unfortunately in the afternoon i was knocked out first round and finished 9th. Overall I was happy with my riding and was ready for the next day.

Race Day 2

Thedo set on the second day and he decided to set even straighter, it was the straightest set I have ever seen on tour, there was no corridor and hardly any offset in the gates. i had a solid first run but went too round on my second run and missed qualifying by one spot. Frustrated by the straight sets I was looking forward to getting back to training and into some more round, challenging courses.

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