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Pre Season Mt. Edouard.

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Pre season camp with Canada Snowboard was a great success, Mike and I Drove out in order to save some money on flights and helped out by packing the car up with other team members gear. We got to our hotel early on the 12th, trained on our own private lane for the whole week. We had the whole resort to ourselves, they ran the chairlift for us and we had one of the two runs they had open the whole time. It was a very cool experience. Every other day we went to the local high school and used their gym for a cool down spin or we'd goof around in the gymnasium playing basketball, volleyball or dodgeball. During the camp I was really able to re focus my riding and make it through a slump I was having in slalom. Coming out of the camp I am very stoked on my GS and slalom riding and am ready for the races in Steamboat as well as Buck Hill. Overall great training camp and a great experience.

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